Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Start of Spring

 Hi Everyone! 

This past month has been on that is full of rest and the start of some new things. 

With classes, things have been going as per usual. In Mandy's class, we were assigned the task of finding a piece of art that we can just spend time meditating on and praying about that speaks to us about God and that was meaningful to do because I was able to do a different form of worship that I hadn't tried before. In our Spiritual Leadership class, we are still ongoing with Vulnerable Pastor and are almost done with the book, but something that has stuck out to me from the book was how we need to change the mold of what it means to be a leader. This was meaningful because when it comes to being a leader there is only one mold or perception that we think of and no thinks of how to break out that mold and touch others who would seem to have the least likely of leadership qualities, but are the best leaders one could find. 

In New Testament, this month we continue in Paul's epistles and learning more about what he had to say to the early churches. One of the things that we dived into this month in class was the New Paul Perspective and this was something that stretched me personally when it came to theology because it went completely over my head. However, it was good to learn something new and I found value in learning about something that I had never heard of before and stretching myself to try and understand what the NPP was about. 

Richland Focus

This last month we finish our series on Stuff Jesus Never said before spring break and it was encouraging to our students to be able to learn the differences between the things that the world tells them versus the things that Jesus says. Now we are venturing on to a new series of Getting to Choose, which is about being able to choose from following God and the different decisions that entail with that such as being able to choose to be a disciple, to change, to serve, etc. This series will be going on until the end of the school year. 


Be praying for Richland students that they have the motivation to finish the year out well and for those who are transferring to be able to make the decision they need to make. 

Thank you and much love! 


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