Monday, March 8, 2021

Winter in February

Hi everyone 


The past month with having Covid scares and the winter storm, I spent a lot of time at home, but thanks to technology, I was still able to keep in contact and meet with students and have class. 

We are continuing with our class in New Testament, Spiritual Leadership, and Maturing with Mandy. With our New Testament class, we now venturing into scripture while also applying the little knowledge we have on history and culture. It has certainly been insightful to see and read the gospels and even some of Paul's epistles in a new light while also trying to understand the deep meaning of what is being said in the scriptures that we are reading. 

With our Spiritual Leadership class, we have been reading a book called Vulnerable Pastor, which is about how pastors can be human too and don’t need to strive to look perfect in the eyes of the congregation that they lead. It has been good to read this because it has opened my eyes to the importance vulnerability has in every congregation and relationship that you have and the value that it has as well. 

Lastly, in Maturing with Mandy we are talking about body stewardship and what it means to stewards of our bodies. This is difficult to figure out as we have different ways that we take care of our bodies, but it has been good to go into scripture and see what God thinks about our bodies and how we can change our form of thinking. 

Richland Focus this month has been doing their usual thing though there a couple of times we had to do focus online. Our students have been very receptive to our sermon about "Stuff Jesus Never Said", and have been thinking more deeply about the things that the world says as opposed to things Jesus has to say. 


This next year I have decided not to stay on staff with Focus and have decided to go into a different job. I ask for prayers with the transition into a new field and looking for a job. 

Thank you for Supporting me! 

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