Tuesday, September 1, 2020

An Encouraging Month

Wow! It is hard to believe that a month has already passed! The month of August felt like it went by slowly, but it went by much quicker than anticipated. 

As I have mentioned before, we started reading through the old testament and it has been a journey to get through. We have now read about 1/3 of the way through, yet there is still so much more to learn about the journey of the Israelites. Though it has been difficult to get through some of the reading, it has been getting easier to see God's grace and mercy through the old testament. Having this new lens and understanding has been great and it spoils the previous perception of what I thought God was like in the old testament.

In addition to old testament class, this past week marked the beginning of our first class on Evangelism. Though I don't yet have a feel for the class, it has already begun to impact me in the way I think about Evangelism. This alone makes me excited for it in the weeks to come. 

Apprentices reading away 
At a friends house working and planning for welcome week (Adrianna, Ashley and me)

Every year before the school year starts, the staff hold a leadership training session for our student leaders who are going lead Core (our weekly small groups). The Richland campus does this together with Southern Methodist University (SMU) as we are both young ministries. This event it was encouraging to listen to the students about the vision they want to have for their cores this year and building deep relationships with those in their cores that are strongly focused on Jesus. 

Two of the student leaders at Richland (R-L: me, Erika and Sayuri)
The students during worship

One of the fun parts about being on staff is getting to know the people you were put on a team on. It has been a great experience getting to work with the SMU and Richland (Dallas Team). I'm still getting to know them and other people on staff, but they have been a huge blessing to have as they help navigate what it's like to be a campus missionary and how to better minister to students. 

Getting lunch with other staff
{R-L: Sandra, Adrianna (Collin College staff), me and Andrea (UTD apprentice)}

The Dallas team with Albert and Dayo getting dinner together
(Right side: Amber, Albert, Laurence, Sirak
Left side: Dayo, me, Ashley and Sandra) 

Meeting up with a Anne, one of the students at Richland

August 23 was the start of the school year at Richland College, which also made it the start of Welcome Week! This past week has been a great experience in getting to know the returning students and a handful of new students. Though only a small number of students have shown up to events that we have held, it has been encouraging to know that our returning students are fired up for the school year. 

Thursday night the Richland team kicked off our first TNT (Thursday Night Thunder). This time is when we have a service with a sermon, some worship, and socializing. This time, however, we decided to use it as a time to catch up with each other as it has been several months since many of the students saw each other. 

At TNT playing a game called cornhole

This weeks Student Testimony and Prayer Requests

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Let me know how I be praying for in this month. 

Much Love,