Friday, February 5, 2021

Start to a New Semester

 Hi everyone!

Last month started well with kicking off a new semester starting new classes and much more.

At the beginning of each semester, the staff has the privilege of going on a retreat. On these retreats, we get to spend time with the people that work at other campuses and get time to reflect on what the new semester is going to look like going forward. With that, I was able to get some good rest and get to know and catch up with some people I hadn't see in a while during the retreat. Apart from that, we also discussed a book we were assigned to read over the break called Money and Power that took into how we should be thinking about money.  

This semester we began our New Testament class. So far, we have been learning about the history and culture that was present during the New Testament times. This class has been helpful with trying to understand what issues were being addressed in the New Testament times that in some ways are still present today. 

At Richland, we kicked off the new semester well. Many of our students were excited to be back in the community again and to start the semester well. This first half of the semester we are going to be starting our new sermon series on Stuff Jesus Never Said, which is going to be talking about saying that our culture tells us about Christianity or ourselves as individuals. 


Please be praying for our students to not get Covid, 

for them to have a good semester, 

for new students leaders in the Richland ministry

Thank you so much and may God bless you!