Sunday, October 4, 2020

A Month of Learning

 Hi Everyone! 

This past month of September was a month filled with learning. From learning the dynamics of know how to balance a schedule to talking about difficult/intriguing topics in the classes that I am taking, there was much to learn. 

Some of my core girls. (R-L: Erika, Haylee and me)

In our Evangelism class, there was much to discuss and reflect on for me. One of these things is learning how to be bold and reach out to people in a non-constructive way) Apart from that, we have also been discussing how do we overcome the obstacles when it comes to cultural differences when reaching out to people. These question have been getting me to think deeply and more intentionally about how I approach Evangelism or reaching out and inviting students into ministry. 

The other class is Maturing with Mandy. Mandy is the women's director of Focus and she does this class for the apprentices for us to learn life skills and grow to become more mature. In her class, one of things that we're learning how to do is getting organized and creating schedule for ourselves. I hate to admit it, but this is something that is I'm finding difficult to do, but I've slowly comes to pace where I can balance the priorities that I need to do. 

Another thing we're working on in her class are spiritual disciplines. The best way I can describe a spiritual discipline is it being a practice where you can deepen and reflect on your relationship with Jesus. This is being put together with a book that has different exercises on how you can spend time with God and strengthen each discipline. I recently began to do the discipline of contemplation ( in the sense of thinking about the experiences that you've had in your relationship with God) and doing the exercises have been a restful time for me. 

Lastly, our Old testament class is almost over, but we still have much left to learn. As we are reading the old testament, I've come to learn and realize how idolatry is a big problem with the Israelites. They go back and forth and it amazes me how God has so much grace for them. We just finished reading Ezra-Nehemiah and these books were very interesting in how the exiles began to treat the law in taking it to the extreme after coming back to Jerusalem many years later. 

Learning the story of the bible with this class, has also been a great experience because I feel like it teaching how to read and love God's word in a whole new light. 

Richland Update

Richland has been doing good this month. Though we have mostly had returning coming consistently, we have had a few new people come a few times! The students have been so great to have around and it has been really encouraging to also learn how some of them want to take steps on how to lead in our ministry.

At Thursday Night Thunder

Some students at the Pizza Theology watch party

On the 27th of September, we started the first part of an event we call Pizza theology. This is a time where we deep dive into a topic and talk about it with our students. This semester our topic was "In it not of it" how to think like a Christian in our society. They tackled some of tough topics and laid the foundation of how to begin thinking about topics such as abortion, BLM, society and what should be public and private. 

Pray for Richland College, as we continue being online and reaching out to students and will continue to be online in the Spring semester as well. 
Pray for our students, as they try to navigate and think through online school and the presidential election that is coming up. 

Pray for me, as I learn how to be bold and more outspoken. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and let me know how I can be praying for you.