Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Start of a Great Year!

Hi Everyone! 

Welcomes to my first blog! I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to minister to students this school year! Especially during these trying times that seem to be the most difficult.

The Apprenticeship

August 1st marked the first day of the apprenticeship and we hit the ground running by diving head first into the Old Testament starting with Genesis and now at Joshua. While we are only just started it a couple of days ago, I have already learned so much about the character of God and the relationship between him and Israelites. It has also been an absolutely wonderful experience being able to do this together with the other apprentices and staff that have chosen to take the class again. 

Us Apprentice girls
(Right to left: Lindsey, Andrea, me and Taylor)

Some of the apprentices after getting ordained 
(R-L: me, Joey, Taylor, Adam, Andrea, and Jacob)

With doing the apprenticeship, we are also ordained and make a 10 month long commitment to the community. This commitment is a list of promises to do the best with can, with the guidance of the those in our community and our supervisors, to lead the students and point them towards Jesus. 

This Fall Semester

This year of 2020 has been a strange year full of changes and transitions. These changes have also certainly affected us as we continue on into a new school year where each campus is doing something different. Richland College decided this July that they are going to have all their classes 100% online. While this certainly is affecting the way we do ministry as a whole, it gives us the opportunity to be creative in the ways we outreach to students. 

Here is the Richland Staff team and Dayo hard at work!

This month’s testimony and prayer request

    Welcome week

        A prayer request that I have is for welcome week. This week is the first week of classes where we spend the most time on campus reaching out to new students and inviting them into community. It is here where we grow the most in evangelism, but this year it going to look different as we cannot be on our campus to reach out to students. For this reason, the staff at Richland has decided to be creative and hold events off campus in which we can invite students and engage with them. 


Much love,